Valentine's Day 2013:

Valentine’s Day – Milk Glass & Candy

Valentine's Day Milk Glass Candy:

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner…red and white fill the house! My Nana loves Milk Glass – it warms my heart to have a few pieces in my home – plus, candy is always welcome!!! It’s time for Valentine’s day milk glass candy – here we go.

Valentine's Day Milk Glass Candy: 3ten.caValentine's Day Milk Glass Candy:

Cinnamon Hearts?? Yes!

IMG_5479Valentine's Day Milk Glass Candy:

Marshmallow Hearts?? You bet!

Valentine's Day Milk Glass Candy: 3ten.caValentine's Day Milk Glass Candy:

A Valentine’s Day Candy Display! Take a bite out of my heart. I’m such a nerd.

Valentine’s day is great – not because of the overly commercial aspect where you feel as though you need to spend a weeks salary on a gift, but rather because it’s full of love. Sharing in this special day with someone you love can be as easy as making dinner, having the bathtub full and ready for when they get home, or even watching their favourite tv show with them. Basically, just let someone know they are love – make them feel loved and you’re on the right track.

These red treats are cute around my house and they look awesome in these milk glass dishes, yet they make my love happy. Sneaking a treat as he walks by the kitchen is the cutest. It’s the little things, you know. So, enjoy this love filled day will all your heart.

Valentine's Day Milk Glass Candy:
Happy Valentine’s Day…spread the love.

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