Project: Host Gift

Host gift – why? Because my mother taught me well.

I remember when I was a kid and she was telling me a story about remembering what people love, what they like, and what makes them smile. My dad had a friend, I think Jack…and Jack’s wife loved swedish berries, like loved so much she would eat them by the handful. My mom and dad went over the Jack and his wife’s house for dinner and guess what my mom brought?

No, not wine.

Not flowers.

Not even dessert.

She brought a beautiful glass vase and filled it with swedish berries. The thing must have had about 300 berries in it. So awesome. They were good friends and I know the vase most likely cost a lot, yet here is a fun alternative.

Host Gift

Last weekend we had dinner at a friends – she loves chocolate. Turtles, Quality Street and Russell Stover.

So – I hit up the dollar store for this jar, 2$. Score. The chocolate, well, that was a bit more. The key is to spend a bit of time looking for a nice clean and non-damaged jar. Most of the glass items at the dollar store have bubbles in them, or pits…take the time and look for a good one that’s clean.

Dump out all the chocolate and mix it up!

After you’ve washed and dried the glass jar, fill it up and give to your favourite host!

I hope you have a perfect Sunday Funday – and if you’re headed to someone’s house for dinner, be sure to bring a little something to let them know you’re appreciative!

See you again soon.

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