• Daphne Turns Four

    Photos: Daphne Turns Four

    Daphne turns four today! She’s the sweetest, silliest, and most sassy pup we’ve had and today we celebrate her. Not only does she sleep a bit more now that she’s older, she’s teaching us to slow down, take naps, and try new things. A few highlights of the past year? Read to find out! Daphne Turns Four Daycare First up, a highlight is her daycare. She loves all her friends, the teachers, and all the rambunctiousness that takes place. When we travelled to Australia in…

  • Daphne Turns Two: 3ten.ca

    Photos: Daphne Turns Two

    Daphne turns two – that’s right, our sweep pup Daphne is now more than 2 years old – so wild! She spent her first night at home with us in December 2019 and we have loved her ever since. Daph-Daph is full of sass, is particular about treats, and loves to run. She’s a nap-a-holic and gets two walks a day. Oh, and during these hot summer days she’s likes to hide indoors by the ac vents. Ah, just a little spoiled, yes. Okay –…

  • Lily's 9th Birthday: 3ten.ca

    Photos: Lily’s 9th Birthday

    It’s Lily’s 9th Birthday! Well, it was on January 18, 2018. She’s a Great Dane who is full of spunk and excited to turn 9. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen these, yet they’re too good not to share here, too. Let’s check out the past year for Lily! I remember back in June, when we were in Glacier National Park in Montana with Lily, a lady came up to us and just started hugging Lily. Her Great Dane was at…

  • Recipes

    Recipe: Potato Dog Treats

    Potato dog treats – why? Because it’s Lily’s birthday, that’s why! Well, her birthday was on Monday and we celebrated in the morning with homemade potato dog treats. When Bella turned 11 she got sweet potato dog treats, so it’s only fitting that Lily, turning 7 and all, gets chips, too. Lily loves, like loves salt and vinegar chips. The problem? She’s older and we’re afraid to give her too many processed items because we just love her so much. As such, I made her…

  • Projects

    Project: Turing 30

    Turning 30 – that’s right, my husband turns 30 today! We are going to celebrate in style. This is the third time we will spend his birthday on the road, and the second time our destination is my family in Ontario. This guy is awesome. He’s not high maintenance in that he doesn’t need a special day all about him – he wants to just spend it with me. His kindness, however, shouldn’t go without a little celebration and special attention, right? So…what I’ve come…

  • Best Birthday

    Project: Best Birthday

    Best birthday – my birthday was on Wednesday and it was the best! Why? First up, my husband didn’t make me wait to open my gift. It was so awesome. Best Birthday Next up – the decision chart. I got to pick what to do. So rad. I made one modification – I didn’t want alone time while Bryce went to get Mexican food…we went together. My Kitchenaid 14 cup architect food processor was the perfect gift. Again, so rad. Okay. Time for chainsaw lessons.…

  • Dog Treats: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Dog Treats

    Dog treats are the best – these ones are messy to make, but super fun to watch your puppy eat. Why dog treats? Well, it was Bella’s birthday on the weekend – she’s 9! Ingredients 1/2 cup of oats 2 spoonfuls of almond butter 1 teaspoon of honey Makes 4 clusters Mix it all together and then roll out. These adorable paper cupcake liners and fun toppers are from my husband’s mom – she thought they were cute and, since I love to make cupcakes,…