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    Recipe: Apple Bagel

    Similar to the apple burrito here at 3ten.ca, the apple bagel is perfect for a quick breakfast. Ingredients 2 apples – I like granny smith for this recipe 1/3 of a cup of peanut butter 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips First – wash and cut your apple. Cut the top off and the bottom, so it’s flat and sits nicely on the counter. Next, cut out the core. Now, cut the apple in two (crosswise), then again. Thus, each apple gives you 2 bagels, or…

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    Recipe: Apple Peanut Butter Burrito

    Love peanut butter? Apples? A bit of chocolate? Need a quick breakfast in the morning? Apple peanut butter burritos are for you!! I usually make these on a day off – each recipe makes 2 – so I make 2 or 3 recipes and then freeze them. The best part, the night before just pop it in the fridge and grab-and-go in the morning. It’s easy to eat on the way to work and beats out any processed drive-thru item you could pick up. Plus,…

  • Fava Bean Hummus: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Fava Bean Hummus

    About 3 weeks ago I purchased a can of fava beans and chick peas – I figured I would make a bean salad or something. Then, I though, why not hummus?! So, here we go – fava bean hummus. This recipe is easy and worth trying out! It’s good for a quick snack or a light lunch and it’s homemade. Ingredients 1 1/4 cups of chicken broth 3/4 cup of water 1 540 ml can of fava beans and chickpeas tablespoon of chopped garlic teaspoon…

  • Brown Bag Popcorn: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Brown Bag Popcorn

    Popcorn is a must for a Friday night movie, right? Well, let’s try this brown bag popcorn. Do you remember those old air popcorn poppers? They stand up right and have a little measuring scoop at the top – which I actually think has a dual use of measuring the popcorn and melting butter. We don’t have one of those, and although I love popping popcorn on the stovetop, like old fashioned popcorn, sometimes I’m in the mood for something lighter. Brown bag popcorn! Ingredients…

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    Recipe: Protein Bars

    Healthy protein bars – without all the preservatives or fillers of store bought bars. They are yummy! Ingredients 1/5-1/4 of an apple 1 scoop of protein powder (we use True Protein – no fillers) 1/2 cup raw brown sugar 1 1/5 teaspoon of baking soda pinch of salt 1 cup of almond butter First – cut up the apple into small squares – add a tad of water and microwave for about 2 minutes. Mash up with a fork. Mix the apple with the almond…

  • Avocado Lime Dip: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Avocado Dip

    So, you can see from my post yesterday that I got a new juicer – fresh squeezed lime juice! Thus, it’s time to make avocado dip! This dip is easy, delicious and well, fresh. Ingredients 1.5 limes 4-5 avocados 1 tablespoon of chile powder dash of sriracha salt First – juice the limes. You might not use all of it – in this recipe it’s important to taste as you make it. Peel and pit the avocados and place them in a food processor –…

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    Recipe: Stove Top Popcorn, circa 1953

    It’s Saturday night – what does that mean? Movie night!! What do you need with movie night? Old Fashioned Popcorn!! So much better than microwave popcorn…microwave popcorn has chemicals, yuck. Here’s what you need… Ingredients 1 stove – yes, you need a stove 1 big pot with a good fitting lid oil – I use sunflower oil popping corn salt (just a bit) Step one – put the cold pot on the cold stove (don’t turn it on yet) and fill it with a thin…