• Halloween Lanterns: 3ten.ca

    Project: Halloween Tin Lanterns

    Halloween tin lanterns – the perfect way to light up your porch for the little trick-or-treaters. This project is easy and although it takes a bit of time, it’s fun. Try it…all you need to do is eat a lot of corn and have a lot of coffee! What You Need tins (I used cans of corn and pumpkin can) nail hammer sharpie paint candle First – wash out your tins and take the labels off. Fill the tin cans with water and freeze them.…

  • Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Halloween Runner

    Halloween runner – the perfect project to brighten up your table for the trick-or-treating holiday that is almost upon us. This festive orange and purple fabric is perfect for October 31. Also, I love the starts. Just perfect. The tutorial is quite easy, just follow below. Oh, and it takes about 12 minutes total. Even if you include staring into your fabric closet for 3 minutes trying to decide which fabric to use. It’s quick, trust me. What You Need two pieces of fabric that…

  • Halloween Candy Bark: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Halloween Candy Bark

    Halloween candy bark time! Yes. It’s that time of year when orange and purple bring fright…spiders creep about…and ghosts yell ‘boo!’ Fear not, this candy won’t frighten you, but delight you. It’s quick, easy, and ever so festive. Try it today – or at least in the next 2 weeks. Ingredients 1 pound of white chocolate melts 12-15 oreos 1 cup of candy corn 1/4 cup of halloween smarties 2 tablespoons of halloween sprinkles First up – gather all of your ingredients. Oh, you’ll need…

  • 3 Step Roasted Turkey

    Recipe: Happy Thanksgiving!

    It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada and I wanted to share a few of my favourite holiday recipes from the past while. Happy Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Roasted Turkey Beet Stacks The perfect items to make for your holiday meal. We celebrated yesterday with a full spread and I was working my butt off in the kitchen – it’s a happy place and a wonderful day to be thankful for all the fabulousness in our lives. Smile and be thankful. Oh, and eat up! All will be…

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    Recipe: Independence Day Blue Velvet Iced Cookies

    Independence Day blue velvet iced cookies. What a great way to show your red, white, and blue spirit. Bake up and get ready for the fireworks. It’s party time. Ingredients 1 box of white cake mix 2 eggs 1/2 cup of canola oil 1 tablespoon of blue velvet flavouring or 1/2 teaspoon of blue food gel a tub of vanilla icing 2 tablespoons of red and blue m&ms 1 tablespoons of red and blue sprinkles First, gather all of your ingredients. Mix together the box…

  • Canada Day Cookies: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Canada Day Red Velvet Iced Cookies

    Canada Day red velvet iced cookies – the perfect treat to celebrate July 1. These cookies are soft and chewy and the icing is well, the icing on top. Try them and start to celebrate. Ingredients 1 box of white cake mix 2 eggs 1/2 cup of canola oil 1 tablespoon of red velvet flavouring or 1/2 teaspoon of red food gel a tub of vanilla icing 2 tablespoons of red sprinkles First, gather all of your ingredients. Next, mix the eggs and canola oil…

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    Recipe: Pumpkin Bread

    Pumpkin bread – but it’s not October?! I know. Yet it’s still so good. The pumpkin is known as a fall food, kind of like lemonade is a summer drink. Time to toss out the ‘you can’t wear white after labour day’ rules and just do what you like. Today, we like to eat pumpkin bread. The main reason I developed this recipe is because I had a container of greek yogurt and a can of pure pumpkin that weren’t being used. Now, you know…