3 Step Roasted Turkey

Recipe: Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada and I wanted to share a few of my favourite holiday recipes from the past while.

Happy Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Pie
Roasted Turkey
Beet Stacks

The perfect items to make for your holiday meal. We celebrated yesterday with a full spread and I was working my butt off in the kitchen – it’s a happy place and a wonderful day to be thankful for all the fabulousness in our lives. Smile and be thankful. Oh, and eat up!

Pumpkin Pie: 3ten.ca

Roasted Turkey

Beet Stacks: 3ten.ca #beets #dinner #goatcheese #thyme

All will be gone before you know it.

Beet Stacks: 3ten.ca #beets #dinner #goatcheese #thyme

Happy Thanksgiving from 3ten.ca – we are happy and thankful that you visit and make delicious food, too. Time to spend some time with family, rake leaves outside, and get the fire going to keep us all warm. The days are starting to get a bit cooler here in Northern Alberta. Soon, I’ll have to break out my winter coat.

Yesterday was so windy we had 12 trees fall over. Bryce was a trooper and did a bunch of chainsaw work while I cooked our Thanksgiving meal. So good – plus, it’s nice to keep the property in top shape.

Thanks again and I’ll see you again soon!

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