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    Sewing: Week Forty: Leather Trimmed Pencil Skirt

    Leather trimmed pencil skirt for this fall inspired week forty of 52 weeks of sewing. This is a bit of a tricky tutorial mainly because it deals with leather. The thinner your leather the easier time you’ll have sewing; however, if you use thick leather the project will look stunning (it’ll just be hard to sew). Okay, let’s get started! What You Need 1 yard of stretch knit 2 pieces of leather (16.5 x 2.5 inches) waist measurement in 3 inch elastic serger machine matching…

  • Projects

    Project: DIY Leather Keychain

    DIY leather keychain – a little accessory to add some life to your set of keys – plus, it’s easy to personalize for you or for a gift. What You Need small piece of leather key ring leather punch rivet set mallet thread machine Okay – first, gather all of your supplies and make a template for the shape of keychain you want. This time, simple circles was the best option. I used my camera cap as a guide – don’t forget to leave a…

  • Wood Working Apron: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Woodworking Apron

    My husband loves woodworking and I found this awesome apron on Pinterest, however, I couldn’t buy it anywhere…so, I made one. It’s waxed cotton with leather straps and pockets. Don’t know how to wax cotton? Check out my next post and I’ll walk you though all the steps. It’s easy…time consuming, but easy. For this project, you can use any colours you wish or even heavy blends instead of leather – it’s all up to you. What You Need 1 yard of heavy cotton about…