• Four days in Tofino is the perfect amount of time to eat, hike, and explore.

    Travel: 4 Days in Tofino

    Four days in Tofino – one of the best places to eat, hike, and explore. Below I share some photos of our extra long weekend from back in April. We ate such delicious food, hiked some amazing trails, and explored off the beaten path and had an adventure. Let’s check out some photos! First, though – here are some things to do in Tofino if you are trip planning. Four Days in Tofino Middle Beach Lodge National Pacific Rim Hike Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail Ucluelet…

  • Little Qualicum Falls hike - it's a great little stop just outside of Victoria, and an awesome place to see some rushing water! Pack a lunch and hike away.

    Travel: Little Qualicum Falls

    Little Qualicum Falls hike – it’s just outside of Victoria and a great place to hike, have a picnic, and stretch your legs. The rushing water is calming and the greenery is rich. Check out our photos below and hike up! First, the map – there are many small trails along the falls, check out the one that interests you the most, or visit them all! We visited both the lower and upper falls. So awesome! Little Qualicum Falls The area is fenced, so bring…

  • Tofino Eats!

    Travel: Tofino Eats

    Tofino eats – here are some of the restaurants we ate at while in Tofino. From high end, to casual dining, all the food was fantastic! Alright – here are photos from our top three restaurants in Tofino. Tofino Eats Shelter Restaurant The Pointe Restaurant The Wolf in the Fog Okay – up first, we ate at Shelter Restaurant – the food was good, yet out of the three listed, it’s out third favourite. Bryce had the pad thai, which was a dinner feature, and…

  • Tree Tops

    Travel: Ancient Cedars Hike

    Ancient Cedars Hike – this small hike (just under 1km) is worth the jaunt from the road (even if this is the only hiking you do, you can access it from the highway). These cedars are some of the largest on Vancouver Island. Let’s check out some of these photos! Ancient Cedars Hike The best way to fully capture the epic size of these trees was to take a panoramic photo, so they might be a tad distorted, but well worth capturing their true size.…

  • Under the Sea!

    Travel: Ucluelet Aquarium

    The Ucluelet Aquarium is worth the stop. This catch and release aquarium is one of a kind. On the Saturday morning after breakfast I was reviewing the map, expecting to do the lighthouse loop, and saw tat Ucluelet had an aquarium. Such a great pivot to visit these under the sea creatures. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Ucluelet Aquarium We did two laps around the open tank, and you could expect to spend about 30-45 minutes here, if you take your time. They even…

  • Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail is a wonderful hike full of artist lookouts, crashing saves, and massive trees.

    Travel: Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail

    Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail – just about 25 km south of Tofino, this trail is diverse, full of breathtaking views, and has some of the largest cedar trees on the island. Okay – let’s checkout the trail and our hike! Ucluelet Wild Pacific Trail First, checkout the map – it’s detailed, full of many paths, and has some great lookout points. One trail we wanted to do, yet picked another activity instead (well worth it – and I’ll share later) was the lighthouse loop, looks…

  • Middle Beach Lodge Review - a delightful resort in Tofino, British Columbia.

    Travel: Middle Beach Lodge

    Middle Beach Lodge review – this resort, tucked off a dirt road on the coast of Tofino, British Columbia is the perfect place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. From extraordinary views to a deep soaker tub, this is a great place to lay your head after a long day of hiking, surfing, or all out adventuring. Let’s check out some photos. Middle Beach Lodge When booking a place in Tofino we had a few must haves on our list. A king sized bed, a nice…