• Mexico City Dinner Eats

    Travel: Mexico City Dinner Eats

    Mexico City dinner eats! We ate at some of the worlds top restaurants and below I’ll share some food photos, the names of the restaurants, and a few details of our delicious experiences. Okay, let’s check out some CDMC eats! Mexico City Dinner Eats We ate at 6 fantastic restaurants and they’re listed below in order with our favourite at the top. Don’t get me wrong, they were all great and worth visiting – we’d go back to each place, without a doubt! Quintonil Okay,…

  • CDMX Dinner!

    Travel: Quintonil

    Quintonil is one of the worlds best restaurants. In fact, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Quintonil is number 9. Jorge Vallejo on the pass is exceptional, a one of a kind chef and well worth the visit. Okay, I won’t talk a lot in this post, but rather let the photos speak for themselves. A few more words and then into the experience! Quintonil First, we ate at the kitchen bar and had the tasting menu – the full 3.5 hour sitting. It…

  • Museo Soumaya

    Travel: Muse Soumaya

    Museo Soumaya is a must see in Mexico City. This place is huge, free, and one museum you won’t want to miss. We spent about 2 hours here and I could have easily spent about 3-4, yet I’d need a lot of snacks. If you’ve never heard of the Museo Soumaya I’m sure you’ve seen the building, right? Those hexagons are iconic! The building is huge and there are 7 levels, including the entrance – it’s a deceptive building. Okay, let’s check out some photos!…

  • Mexico City Art

    Travel: Museo de Arte Moderno

    Museo de Arte Moderno – the Mexico City Museum of Modern Art! It’s worth the visit, from outdoor sculptures to colourful paintings, this place is awakening! We spent a couple hours in the morning checking out the pieces and enjoyed the cool walk around the grounds. Check it out if you have time. Museo de Arte Moderno There is a cost to enter – roughly 5$ Canadian, and well worth it. Oh, and the museum is free on Sundays! We couldn’t visit on the Sunday…

  • Treats!

    Recipe St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Dough Rice Krispies

    St. Patrick’s Day cookie dough rice krispies and they’re gluten free! These special green jewelled treats are just in time to celebrate the day of green – oh, and they’re delicious frozen. Aren’t all treats so good frozen? Okay, let’s get baking. Ingredients The gluten free rice krispie recipe I use is a classic! I’ve even made it with Skor, Reese’s, or plain and they’re all super tasty. With any rice krispies, my go to cereal is Nature’s Path – it holds up well and I love that it’s gluten…

  • Museo Jumex

    Travel: Museo Jumex

    Museo Jumex is a free (yes, free!) museum in Mexico City. It’s beautiful, full of open spaces, and worth visiting if you’re a lover of lines, art, and architecture. We spent about 60 minutes in the museum, the exhibits are huge and my favourite part was the outdoor balconies. Okay, let’s check out some photos! First, I want to share this staircase. There are elevators, and do suggest you take one, they’re massive. I think they only have one set of elevators and they use…

  • Mexico City Sights

    Travel: Mexico City Sights

    Mexico City sights, from historical roundabout statues, to park monuments Mexico City, or CDMX, is filled with history, beautiful buildings and some of the most interesting sights. Here I’ll share some photos from our walks out and about around Mexico City. My favourite? This one, the Angel of Independence – it’s tall, stunning, and when the gold catches the sun, it’s powerful! Okay, here are a few more sights! Mexico City Sights The buildings in Mexico City are not only memorable, they’re recognizable across the…