• Beach Motel

    Travel: Beach Motel

    The Beach Motel in Hervey Bay – it’s an adorable little place that’s right in the city centre with a pool, a barbeque area, and they even have laundry on site, too! The rooms are spacious, clean, and it’s walking distance to Shelly Beach. Okay, if you’re looking to check out their site, you can find them at the Beach Motel, Hervey Bay. I’ll share some photos below so you can get a bit more insight. Hervey Bay First up, we got a standard room…

  • Urangan Pier

    Travel: Urangan Pier

    Urangan Pier – it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset in Hervey Bay or catch people fishing, enjoy the breeze and stay cool on a warm summer day. We walked the longer path and did the Esplanade Trail a few km back and the scenery was nice. Okay, let’s check out some photos. Urangan Pier Here’s a map of the trail, you can see the shorter end we started at, walked to the pier, and the continued on a bit, until it got too…

  • Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens

    Travel: Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens

    Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens in Queensland, Australia. It’s a great place to spend a few hours if the weather is nice and you’re up for some fresh air. Okay, now onto the photos. Oh, and thanks for your patience – it’s been a handful of weeks since I last posted – and I missed it! Okay, it’s time to check out some photos. Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens First up, this place is right in the middle of the city, yet it’s full of local birds,…

  • 2 Days in Agnes Waters

    Travel: 2 Days in Agnes Waters

    2 days in Agnes Waters, Australia. Or, also known as Seventeen Seventy, 1770 – it’s got one of the most beautiful beaches and some great hikes. Okay, let’s check out some photos and see what we did! 2 Days in Agnes Waters First up, the beach. We played in the water for hours. Jumping, splashing, and trying not to get sucked out to sea! The beach was quiet and it was nice and peaceful. You can see all the footprints, so the beach is certainly…

  • Sandcastles 1770 Motel

    Travel: Sandcastles 1770 Motel

    Sandcastles 1770 Motel – it’s a cute little place that has an awesome beach. We stayed only two nights, so we opted for the breakfast type kitchen. We were expecting a shared barbeque at the pool, yet the pool was closed (as thus the barbeque, too) on our first night. Wait until you see how we cooked dinner! Okay, first the hotel – check out Sandcastles 1770 Motel if you’re looking for a deal. The agents at the front desk were super helpful, and the…

  • Seventeen Seventy Sunset

    Travel: Seventeen Seventy Sunset

    Seventeen Seventy Sunset – one of the best spots to watch the sunset in Australia! Plus, as we visited the east side, 1770 as it’s often called, has a great marina to catch the sunset falling over the bay. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Seventeen Seventy Sunset We spent two nights in 1770 and caught the sunset twice. Once from the beach of the marina and the second night from the bluff at the end of Sir Raphael Cilento Drive, up by Wave Lookout.…

  • Paperbark Trail

    Travel: Paperbark Trail

    Paperbark Trail – one of the highlights of Agnes Waters, or the Seventeen Seventy community. It’s a short hike, probably about 10 minutes, but worth it! The pods are cool, yet man made. The true star of the hike are the paper peeling trees – they’re so full of personality! Okay, you know the drill, let’s check out some photos! Paperbark Trail You can find the entrance right across from the road to Red Rock Trail, or you can find it on All Trails, too.…