Easter Brunch 2019: 3ten.ca

Project: Easter Brunch 2019

Easter Brunch 2019: 3ten.ca

It’s that time – time for Easter Brunch 2019. Don’t you just love brunch? It’s like it’s own little extra meal. On days when we have brunch, I’ve usually eaten something small in the morning, like yogurt and fruit, then have brunch around 11am. Then around 2pm a snack and then dinner at the usual time. In no way shape or form does this one meal cancel out two. And, in no way do I eat twice as much than at another meal. All of this to say – brunch is awesome.

Easter Brunch 2019

Get out some bright coloured placemats – aren’t these Boler ones adorable? They were a gift from Bryce’s Mom – she quilted them. So festive.

Boler Placemats: 3ten.ca

Lay out all the food and make sure you’re hungry.

You can pre-cut the corn bread if you wish – since if you’ve got a bit group something like that might hold up the line. This is when it’s best to plan from beginning to end. If we were having more than just the two of us, I’d probably make individualized cornbread muffins.

Easter Brunch 2019: 3ten.ca

Then, call all the guests to the table – or counter in our case.

Easter Brunch 2019: 3ten.ca

Dig in and eat up.

Easter Brunch 2019: 3ten.ca

All done – time to just sit back and enjoy Easter, spending time with family, and soaking in all that bright and fresh spring air. It’s a good day.

Enjoy the weekend friends.

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