Brunch Platter:

Recipe: Brunch Platter

Brunch Platter:

Looking for a fun way to host a brunch? Make a brunch platter. It’s colourful, gives guests choice, and it’s festive! Here we’ve got jammy eggs, cream cheese and a lot of vegetables to make brunch great. Let’s get started.


  • avocado
  • red pepper
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • pepperettes
  • hummus
  • cream cheese with herbs
  • jammy eggs

First, you’ll want to cook the jammy eggs. I don’t multitask when cooking the jammy eggs – the time goes by too quickly and any time I try I end up over cooking them. Your call – yet just be aware. Also, I made 3 eggs, they just didn’t fit on this two person platter. Then, wash and prep your vegetables.

Brunch Platter:

If you don’t have some the ingredients above, you can use what you’ve got in the fridge – just be sure you’ve got a variety of colour.

I remember when I was about 11 my Dad was sick so I thought I’d be nice and cook dinner. What did I make? Chicken, mashed potatoes and cauliflower. No gravy. White on white on white. It was good, yet not very appealing to the eye. You want colour and brightness on your platter.

Brunch Platter:

You can serve this brunch platter with crackers, english muffins or some cornbread. What you want is something to smear that cream cheese onto and top with an egg or avocado.

You can make all the items yourself or you can buy prepped hummus and other dips to help with the prep work.

Veggie Plate:
Brunch Platter:

Looks so fresh and good – this brunch platter is going to be delicious.

Veggie Plate:

Well, there you are – a delicious option for this weekend or anytime you’re wanting to eat healthy and have options. It’s quick and easy to prep and your guests or loved ones will be impressed.

Thanks for visiting – happy Wednesday to you!

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