Project: New Blog Layout

New Blog Layout:

New Blog Layout

The new blog layout. – has been around since July 2012, so six and a half years. As such, in October of 2016 I decided I wanted a bit of a facelift – so here we are – a new blog layout. Some new features, big bright photos, and a bit of style.

So – here you have it, a new blog layout.

One of my favourite features? The new scroller. Oh, and these feature links so fun!

New Blog Layout:

Another fun feature? The right sidebar!

New Blog Layout:

Old Blog Layout

What about the old layout? What was wrong with it?

Well, for starters, it wasn’t very responsive. What I mean by that is the blog looked the same if you were on your phone, tablet or desktop. Sure, that’s super great sometimes, yet not when photos looks tiny and words are super small.

It was hard for readers, and difficult to see all the detail in all the photos. So, that’s the main reason for the switch – so it looks better to you!

The new layout will look different depending on what device you’re using, yet it’ll have the same theme, and features. Total score!

New Blog Layout:

Not to mention the thumbnails. I’m of course still using them – they’re just bigger and more per line. Overall, I like the new look better.

New Blog Layout:

Overall, I’m super happy with the new look. Cheers to a wonderful 2019!

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