Canadian Thanksgiving 2020:

Recipe: Canadian Thanksgiving 2020

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020:

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020 is one of my favourite holidays. Filled with family, food and fall colours – it’s just the best.

This year things probably look different, yet for us, it’s mostly the same (minus the mashed potatoes). This year we made a deliciously hearty fall salad, an Italian herb roasted turkey and some herb sweet potatoes.

Okay, let’s check out the recipes.

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020

Start with the turkey, then make the sweet potatoes and lastly, the fall salad (although, you’ll need to roast the beet ahead of time).

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020:

Look how delicious those butter and herb sweet potatoes look – to me, they’re very French. Jam packed with sage and rosemary, they’re a huge hit, that’s for sure.

Butter and Herb Sweet Potatoes:

The hearty kale, apple and beet salad. Full of beautiful fall colours, texture and flavours. The dressing is made from scratch, yet it’s easy and quick.

Hearty Fall Salad:

Look at this tender and juicy turkey! It’s got crispy skin, flavour and since it’s cooked breast side down, it’s not at all dry.

Italian Herb Turkey:

Overall, this Canadian Thanksgiving 2020 was great – we went for a hike, ate good food and relaxed a little. I hope you and your family have a great day, too.

Also, just a little tip. If you’re making dinner for a large group of people, try and make or prep items ahead of time, it’ll save you a bit of stress. The sweet potatoes can be made the day before, and you can roast the beet and make the dressing ahead of time, too. And, if you want everything to match, use all white dishes – even if they’re not the same style. The table will look beautiful.

Okay – one last photo of these butter and herb sweet potatoes – they’re a make again, for sure!

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020:

Thanks so much for visiting – I’ll see you again soon. Bye!

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