• Canadian Thanksgiving 2020: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Canadian Thanksgiving 2020

    Canadian Thanksgiving 2020 is one of my favourite holidays. Filled with family, food and fall colours – it’s just the best. This year things probably look different, yet for us, it’s mostly the same (minus the mashed potatoes). This year we made a deliciously hearty fall salad, an Italian herb roasted turkey and some herb sweet potatoes. Okay, let’s check out the recipes. Canadian Thanksgiving 2020 Italian Roasted Turkey Hearty Fall Salad Butter and Herb Sweet Potatoes Start with the turkey, then make the sweet…

  • Italian Turkey: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Italian Turkey

    Italian turkey! That’s right, this thanksgiving we’re having a 10 pound turkey that is seasoned with Italian spices and herbs. Looking for some added flavour this year? Then spice things up with some goodness. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients 10 pound turkey 2 tablespoons of Italian seasoning 2 tablespoons of shallot seasoning salt to taste First, gather your spices. I know I’ve mentioned it many times, yet these spices from the Spice Merchant are the best. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.…

  • Flat Roasted Turkey: 3ten.c

    Recipe: Flat Roasted Turkey

    Flat roasted turkey. What? Yes, I broke down our Thanksgiving turkey this year just like the flat roasted chicken I made this summer. Let me tell you, it’s awesome. I mean, it cooks faster and stays juicer. Ingredients 10+ pound turkey salt to taste First, make sure you’re working with a turkey that’s fully defrosted. Put it in you sink and use kitchen sheers to cut out the back bone. Grab a small knife and cut out the ribs. Then, flip the bird and try…

  • Mexican Scotch Egg: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Gluten Free Mexican Turkey Scotch Eggs

    Gluten free Mexican turkey scotch eggs are today’s recipe here at 3ten. Did you watch the last season of MasterChef? Well, a few weeks back they had a picnic episode and they had to make scotch eggs. My husband was like ‘oh, those look so good!’ Challenge accepted. The next day I ran some errands and picked up some ground turkey and some gluten free rice ‘breadcrumbs’. My goal on this recipe is to put my own little twist on it. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients…

  • Spicy Whole Turkey: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Spicy Whole Turkey

    Spicy whole turkey for Thanksgiving! Who’s in? I am! This recipe is quite easy and gives your whole turkey a bit of kick this November. When I used to teach in Dallas, Texas, Thanksgiving was amazing – why? Because we got a whole week off! That’s how a worn out teacher thinks…time to catch up on laundry, cleaning the house, grading papers, holiday shopping, the 1343537 emails in my work inbox. The week was jam packed and I was excited to get up because I…