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    Sewing: Week Thirty Four: Broadcloth Napkin

    Broadcloth napkin – such a great fabric to make napkins out of! The lunch napkins I made this past winter were so fun and they measured about 16×16 – for these napkins I made them bigger so they are more suitable for dinner. The nice neutral colour lends itself to many different styles and is classic. Let’s get sewing. What You Need 1.5 yards of broadcloth cutting mat ruler rotary cutter matching thread serger fray check iron ironing board First, gather your pre-washed broadcloth and…

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    Sewing: Week Nine Tea and Lunch Napkins

    Tea and lunch napkins. What makes them tea and lunch napkins? The size. Your traditional dinner napkin is around 18-20 inches. These ones are cut at 16 and finish around 15.5 inches. You could certainly use them for a more casual dinner, like tacos or lasagna, but not for something a bit more formal, like roasted lamb. Although, if you were in a pinch, a napkin is better than no napkin! The best part about these napkins is that they are up-cycled from two high…

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    Sewing: Picnic Napkins

    Picnic! Is it time for a picnic? You bet – it’s summer and it’s time for picnics. These napkins are the perfect accessory to any summer meal. Whether you’re having an actual picnic, using our picnic blanket, or decorating your patio table with our outdoor placemats, these picnic napkins will dress up the occasion. For the full tutorial, visit the napkin tutorial. What You Need 1 yard of fabric Serger Matching thread Scissors Iron Ironing board This fabric is so fun to work with. Be…

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    Holiday Napkins

    Thanksgiving is this weekend – at least in Canada! What a better time to buy some fun fabric and decorate your holiday table. Yesterday I found a new discount fabric store in Edmonton – and it’s huge! Score!! That’s where I found this fun wild fowl print. Perfect for Thanksgiving! Holiday Napkins So – a good sized napkin measures around 20×20. I get 4 napkins out of one meter (if it measures 45 inches wide). Be sure you’ve washed your fabric first! Set your serger…