Travel: Mexico City Snapshot

Mexico City snapshot – if you saw my post earlier this week, you’ll know we attended the Mexico City Grand Prix 2022 – it was awesome! Yet, that’s not the only reason we’re in Mexico City. We’re here to enjoy some of the worlds top restaurants, see the sights, and enjoy one of the greatest cities of all time. Did you know that Mexico City is bigger than New York City and Los Angeles? LA is around 12 million, NYC is about 19 million and Mexico City is just shy of 22 million. That’s wild! I had no idea the city was that big.

For our trip we stayed 4 nights in the Polanco area, and then 5 nights in the up and coming Juarez district, it’s right next to the Centro district. Both areas are uniquely beautiful and offer so much character. Seeing two different neighbourhoods on our trip is a total treat – I’m not sure which neighbourhood we like better.

One thing to note is the high altitude is often commented on, yet it doesn’t seem to bother me or Bryce. What I love most about this city so far is the arts and culture scene, and the food. The food is so good – from casual street food to fine dining, my tastebuds are happy. Okay – enough about all that, here are some photos of our travels so far.

I won’t share too many, yet just enough to give you a bit of a feel for the city. Oh, and don’t forget today is the official Day of the Dead!

Mexico City Snapshot

Well, there you have it – our Mexico City Snapshot. I’ll for sure share posts about our experiences from sights, culture, and yes, most certainly the food. If you didn’t know this already, Mexican food is our favourite. From favourite Mexican eats to new recipes that are inspired by travels, I’m a huge fan of humble, yet delicious food.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon!

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