Fresh Corn Salsa:

2013 Top 3 Recipes from 3ten

As 2013 comes to a close I want to celebrate some of the best recipes from Popular on both 3ten’s Facebook Page and on Pinterest, the top 3 are: Corn Salsa, Holiday Cookies, and Lamb Roast.

Let’s check out 2013 top 3 recipes from 3ten.

Corn Salsa! This salsa is light, yet packed full of flavour – over 50 pins – and is perfect for fajita night, with burritos, or just as good with chips.

Eat up!

Top 2013 Recipes

Corn Salsa:

The second most popular recipe from 2013 is a recent one – Holiday Candy Cookies!! Part of the 12 days of cookies celebration, the Holiday Candy Cookie is a Pinterest favourite – have you tried it yet?! Change it up with different candies for any holiday.

Holiday Candy Cookies: #cookies #baking

The Lamb Roast was also very popular – perhaps you still have time to make this one in 2013? New Year’s Eve dinner?!

Lamb Roast:

Well, there you have it – some of the top recipes from the past year. So different in style and yet all so good. From baking to roasts and then to Mexican side dishes, this lifestyle blog is sure to please. The world is wide and I hope to explore more of it in the next year. Not only try some delicious food, but also check out some beautiful travel places.

What’s in store for you in 2014? Any wishes, or hopes? Happiness and health above all else and then the good stuff can fill in the cracks.

I hope you had a marvellous 2013 and Happy 2014!

Cook, bake, and eat.

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