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Apartment Therapy: Before and After

Apartment Therapy Post. What? We’re in an Apartment Therapy Post? Seriously? Seriously!

Back in late September Apartment Therapy did a little piece on us – it was so much fun and it’s a cute story as to how we found out.

Before and After

So, how did we find out? Well in late October we were in Ottawa visiting Bryce’s sister. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were talking about how people need to be careful how they represent themselves on Social Media. As the conversation went on we talked about what comes up when we Google our names.

More often than not, nothing much comes up. When Bryce put in the search, however, the fourth thing to pop up was this article, and Apartment Therapy Post! Before & After: This Travel Trailer Is a Happy Surprise Inside and Out!

So fun, eh!? Check it out. It goes through the two posts I’ve already shared.

Here are a few other photos – one before and three after.

Look how bad this Boler looks! All of those vents, inlets and outlets. The side looks so messy and unpolished. Yuck.

Apartment Therapy: Before and After

Fresh new paint and a bright fun colour make this Boler pop. It’s ready to hit the road for all the camping fun.

Boler After: 3ten.ca
Apartment Therapy: Before and After
Boler After: 3ten.ca

Well, there you have it – a little bit of Boler fun. Hope you’re having a great Saturday! Visit again soon.

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