Project: Summer is Here

The first day of summer is such a great day. Not only is it the longest day of the year, it kicks off an amazing season. It’s official…

Summer is Here

So, what are your plans this summer? Anything fun or exciting? These terms are so relative. It’s exciting drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and exciting packing your bags for Peru. The first I might do, the second, not this summer.

This summer is going to be filled with great eats, beautiful family, and long days outside. Oh, and a book or two, I’m sure.

Just a few weeks ago we finished working on our 17foot Boler. I know, we got another Boler then realized it is far too big for our family of two and a pup, so we sold it. You can see those updates on my revamped Tumblr blog. That’s what we did this past spring – travelled to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland (those posts still to come) and refinished the 17foot Boler. Oh, and we made a headboard and jazzed up one of our guest rooms (photos to come soon, too).

For now, let’s check out some of those great eats I’ll be making this summer!

Summer Eats

Remember I mentioned that lemonade? Well, this recipe is sure to excite.

Orange Strawberry Lemonade

Summer is Here:

We are headed to Glacier National Park again next week. Last year was so much fun, a tad cold, and we didn’t get to venture the whole going-to-the-sun-road so we hope to do that this year. This avocado mash is a great camping breakfast. Even if you’re not camping!

Campfire Avocado Mash

Summer is Here:

Lastly, how about something just a little sweet? Okay, a whole heck of a lot sweet. This pie is one for the tastebuds. Grab a spoon and eat up.

S’mores Layer Pie

Summer is Here:

Overall, I hope you have the best summer ever. Stop by every once in a while to check out what’s new around 3ten. Life is an adventure and I love to have fun! See you again soon.

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