Recipe: 12 Days of Cookies

12 days of Cookies: #cookies #baking

12 days of cookies. We celebrate 12 days of Christmas…why not 12 days of cookies!! Yum! Visit over the next 12-13 days for some fabulous cookie recipes here at! Some are gluten free, some are jam packed full of flavour, and others are on the spicy side.

12 Days of Cookies

This is going to be an adventure, that’s for sure. A big adventure. I hope I can get it all done in one day, yet maybe not. Basically, it’s like I’m doing a huge, massive cookie exchange with myself. What!? Where’s the fun in that. Well, it’s in trying out all of these recipes to see which one will make the holiday list year after year.

First, I decided on 12 recipes, then made a list….25 eggs, 40 cups of flour, 15 cups of sugar…and 1 teaspoon of baking powder. Wow – that’s a lot of ingredients. I couldn’t have shopped without this awesome prep list. Can you imagine how long I’d be in the store for if I didn’t have a list. Calculation after calculation trying to figure how how many cups of flour I’d need.

Not to mention that I live in the country and there is no way I’d want to drive back into town for just a cup of sugar. Nope. Not at all. Happy I prepped, to say the least.

12 days of Cookies: #cookies #baking12 days of Cookies: #cookies #baking

Shopping wasn’t too bad – since I had my list. Plus my list is usually organized by how things are laid out around the grocery store. Holiday baking, here I come!!

12 days of Cookies: #cookies #baking

Check back tomorrow for the first cookie recipe in celebration of the 12 cookies. There are going to be come good ones, that’s for sure!

Also, share your favourite cookie recipe with me – I’m always on the hunt for a tried and test cookie recipe.

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