BBQ Drumsticks:

Recipe: BBQ Favourites

BBQ Favourites

BBQ favourites! It’s not even the end of April and I’ve been barbecuing three times already – it’s awesome! Anyone else pull off the cover and fire up the grill? Here in Northern Alberta I can’t say I’m much of a winter griller. Perhaps one day, but not when it’s below zero. No way. Okay, with warmer days on the horizon, let’s check out some of my favourites.

BBQ Favourites

Okay, the drumsticks with Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce – it’s tangy, a tad sweet and the perfect amount of punch. You could even make the sauce and put it on chicken breast, wings (oh, I need to do this!), or even turkey burgers.

BBQ Drumsticks:
BBQ Drumsticks:

These make for a delicious and quick weekday meal, yet are delicious on the weekend, too!

Up next is a drumstick perfect side dish – grilled watermelon. This recipe is seasoned with spice, yet you could use just salt and pepper to tame things if you wanted.

Chipotle Grilled Watermelon:
Chipotle Grilled Watermelon:

Another great side, or perhaps just a snack is the grilled corn salsa. Get the corn as black as you can and then you’ll pack in so much flavour.

Roasted Corn:
Grilled Corn Salsa:

If you’re not in the mood for salsa then try this salad with a kick. It’s a bit labour intensive, slicing the avocados, making the dressing, but it’s so worth it. Flavour? Yes! Favourite? You bet!

Marinated Chicken:
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Last but not least, fajita kabobs. Put all the ingredients you use to make fajitas and get to the grill. Then, eat them on their own or in taco shells topped with guacamole and salsa.

Grill Time:
Fajita Kabobs:

Well, there you have it – BBQ favourites right in time for grilling season – anyone else as excited as me? Let the warmer weather start and let’s fire things up.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.

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