Recipe: Juice Recap

12 days of Juicing: #juicing #juice #cleaneating

Juice Recap

So – how did you like the 12 days of juicing? Have you tried any? If so, do you feel great? Here’s a little juice recap.

A few things to remember. It takes a while to clean your juicer, by all means do it right away. Second, if you’er just starting out, stick with all fruit or all veggies. Then, as you get used to the juice you can mix and match. Best to take it slower on your digestive system to start. Also, know that there are many ways to use all the pulp – compost is one, yet some people bake with it. It packs a heck of a lot of fibre. One thing is for sure, though – just remember to wash your produce before you juice it. No way you want those chemicals making their way into you body. Okay, let’s check out some of the top juices in this juice recap.

I’d love to hear some feedback – good or bad!

Just a few of my favourites that keep getting made over and over again.

Orange Strawberry Lemonade: #juice #lemonade #12daysofjuice

Berry Blast Juice: #juicing #berry #12daysofjuice #summer

Glass of Salsa: #juicing #12daysofJuice #salsa

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What will tomorrow bring? Blankets? Treats? Eats? Thanks so much for visiting the juice recap and I hope you enjoy a juice or two in the near future.

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