• Pinecone Wreath: 3ten.ca

    Project: Pinecone Wreath

    A winter pinecone wreath. Don’t be fooled, this wreath is heavy and big! It’s 24 inches and my guess is it weights about 18 pounds. Those pinecones and glue are heavy. This is a standard pinecone wreath that you can dress up for Autumn, Halloween, Christmas or even Valentine’s day with just the addition of a colourful bow. Makes this wreath far more versatile. Pinecone Wreath Supplies Pinecones – about 78 Wire wreath – 24 inches Fabric – about 1/2 a yard Glue gun and…

  • Plants 2.0: 3ten.ca

    Project: Plants 2.0

    Plants 2.0. That’s right – here’s a little update on our plant project blog post from last October. I’ll share some of the plants from last year and how they’re doing now and also share a couple of new plants that are loving life on the acreage. Plants This fire stick guy loved his greenhouse life with his red tips and all. Well, now, he loves the south facing windows and all the light the sun has to offer. Oh, and he loves it so…

  • Guest Room

    Project: Guest Room

    Our other guest room – it’s all done, bright and ready for guests. Last week I shared our DIY headboard project with you and promised some updated photos of our guest room. Well, here they are! You can tell from the photos of the headboard project that the room was a dark grey. With the new mirror barn door (another post to come soon) and the white walls, the room is much brighter, more welcoming, and overall, mega awesome. Let’s check it out! Guest Room…

  • Projects

    Project: DIY Headboard

    It’s project time – DIY headboard time, to be exact. You can see from the photo below that I’m a little behind in sharing this project since it’s not all green outside. Nope, we have snow no grass right now. This project started this past summer. We knew we wanted a headboard in our second guest room, yet we didn’t really like the idea of paying $800 for one. In browsing a few sites I came across an article from Apartment Therapy – Best Upholstered…

  • Guest Room: 3ten.ca

    Projects: Guest Room

    Guest Room We did it again, we re-did the guest room. When we first moved in on November 25, 2011 we re-did the guest room quickly because we had a visitor not even 6 weeks later – my mom. Since then it’s basically stayed the same. In March of 2015 we got the windows in both main floor rooms turned into doors since one day we’ll have a deck all around the house. Then, this past fall we renovated the closet in that room and…

  • Projects

    Project: Junk Drawer

    Junk Drawer Getting it organized for less than 10$. Total score. This project has been on my to-do list for quite some time and I’m happy to finally cross it off. First, a picture of the completely messy drawer. Everything just shoved in there with no home – all feeling lost. I wanted some containers to keep things in place and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I hit up the dollar store. What I did, however, was take measurements of…

  • Sewing

    Sewing: Rustic Curtains

    This two toned home decor fabric is awesome – and I’ve had it for about 2 years. Originally, I purchased it for one of our living room windows, however, it turns out that window is one of our dogs favourite and since the sun doesn’t come in too much on the west side of the house. So, we decided to leave it open. What to do with this fabric? Last month we put it to use in one of the bedrooms. I had to play…