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    Recipe: A Glass of Salsa Juice

    This juice has kick – the jalapeño adds fire, yet doesn’t leave you with too much heat. A glass of salsa juice is fresh and tasty – try it. Ingredients: 3 roma tomatoes 1 jalapeño 1/4 of a white onion 1/4 of a bunch of cilantro 1 lime What do all of those ingredients mean? Tomatoes are wonderful antioxidants…they contain lycopene which maintains both your mental and physical function…and, my favourite, tomatoes relax you after a stressful day. Have a glass of juice, not wine!…

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    2013 Top 3 Recipes from 3ten

    As 2013 comes to a close I want to celebrate some of the best recipes from 3ten.ca. Popular on both 3ten’s Facebook Page and on Pinterest, the top 3 are: Corn Salsa, Holiday Cookies, and Lamb Roast. Let’s check out 2013 top 3 recipes from 3ten. Corn Salsa! This salsa is light, yet packed full of flavour – over 50 pins – and is perfect for fajita night, with burritos, or just as good with chips. Eat up! Top 2013 Recipes The second most popular…

  • Fresh Corn Salsa: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Corn Salsa

    Corn Salsa – what for? For bueno burritos or for eating with multigrain chips…so delish! It’s easy peasy. Ingredients 1 1/2 cups of corn, about 1 can 3/4 cup of black beans – about 1 can 1 red onion – about 1/3 cup 3 tablespoons of lime juice 1 teaspoon of sriracha sauce 2 tablespoons of cilantro Mix all the ingredients together – it’s so pretty looking! The key is to make sure the sriracha sauce is really mixed in – no one wants to…

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    Eats: Super Bowl Snacks 2013

    Super Bowl snacks 2013 – the Baltimore Ravens face the San Francisco 49ers – an epic showdown between two brothers – both head coaches. What is needed for this Super Bowl 47? Treats! Eats! and all while being a little healthy!! Super Bowl Snacks 2013 First, try my Spicy Salsa – so fresh, so good and a definite game winner! I made this recipe at a potluck last summer and it was a hit – like gone before everything else type of hit. Try it!…

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    Recipe: Holy Guacamole

    For some reason store bought guacamole tastes bland…and the worst part, I keep eating more hoping the next bite will be better – total disappointment, every time.  So, I make my own and we love it! Ingredients 2 large avocados (pealed and pitted) 1/4 cup chopped tomatos, red onions dash of salt 1/4 tablespoon of sriracha 1 clove of chopped garlic 1.5-2 tablespoons of lime juice 2 teaspoons of chopped coriander/cilantro Place all ingredients in a bowl and mash together – chill in the fridge…

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    Recipe: Spicy Sriracha Salsa

    Spicy sriracha salsa is yummy – healthy and the kind of thing I just can’t stop eating.  It’s one of our favourites to eat with chips, in egg burritos, and even on top of grilled chicken. Okay – let’s get salsa  making. Ingredients white onion 2 limes juiced tablespoon of minced garlic bunch of cilantro 4 roma tomatoes large orange, yellow and red pepper 2 jalapeño peppers 1 1/2 can of corn 2 cups of black beans 1/4 cup of sriracha 2 tablespoons of olive…