• Sewing

    Sewing: Valentine Pajama Pants

    Valentine Pajama Pants – who doesn’t love to get cozy with their loved one? Here I share a pattern I use and also a way to quickly make it yourself if you don’t want to run out in the cold to buy it. The first step, however, is to find a cute flannel fabric. What You Need 2-3 yards of flannel machine matching thread pins elastic waist band (your waist size minus 1-2 inches) scissors This is the cute fabric I found at Fabricland –…

  • Projects

    Project: Valentine’s Post-it Gift Jar

    Create a homemade Valentine’s Gift with this Post-it Gift Jar. It will jog your memory and make both you and your loved one smile. Okay, let’s get making this Valentine’s post-it gift jar. What You Need 150-365 post-it notes pens mason jar tape First – be sure you know what categories you’re going to use. I decided on 4: memories, words, future, and reasons. So, as a result, I needed 4 different coloured post-it notes. You could do song or movie lines, or even add…

  • Recipes

    Recipe: Natural Red Velvet Cake

    It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Perfect time for a natural red velvet cake – and it’s naturally coloured, not with a whole bottle of chemical food colouring – yuck. What’s the secret? Beets! Also – my recipe is a bit on the healthier side with using bananas instead of butter. Ingredients 3 cups of cake flour 2 1/2 tablespoons of cocoa powder 1 teaspoon of kosher salt 2 teaspoons of baking powder 1 cup of mashed bananas (about 3) (or butter) 2 tablespoon vanilla extract 2…

  • Cupid's Cupcake: 3ten.ca

    Cupid’s Cupcake

    Cupid’s Cupcake Wild about Cupcakes is a fabulous cupcake recipe book. My mom got it for me a couple of years ago as a stocking stuffer. Great find, Mom! It’s full of different categories – healthy, chocolate, kiddos, party ideas, and special moments. A bonus, Rachel Lane even offers gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, egg free diabetic friendly options. So awesome! I can’t post the recipe, since that’s a violation of copyright – but you can buy the book, Wild about Cupcakes at Amazon.com.…

  • Valentine's Day 2013: 3ten.ca

    Valentine’s Day – Milk Glass & Candy

    Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is around the corner…red and white fill the house! My Nana loves Milk Glass – it warms my heart to have a few pieces in my home – plus, candy is always welcome!!! It’s time for Valentine’s day milk glass candy – here we go. Cinnamon Hearts?? Yes! Marshmallow Hearts?? You bet! A Valentine’s Day Candy Display! Take a bite out of my heart. I’m such a nerd. Valentine’s day is great – not because of the overly commercial aspect where…