Selfie in Paris:

Travel: Paris Snapshot

Paris snapshot – just a few highlights from our trip so far in Paris, France. First, it’s beautiful, and unlike some other cities, is recognize-able in a quick moment as being Paris.

The weather is great, a little windy, yet overall we couldn’t ask for much better. It’s been sunny and getting up to about 22 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. It’s like the perfect fall day. No need for a coat, unless you want one, and a snazzy scarf is always welcomed.

Let’s get to sight seeing!

Paris Snapshot:

One thing that has surprised us thus far is the lack of activity in the morning. I mean, aren’t the people of Paris needing to rush to their job in the am just like many others? It’s so different to see quieter streets in the morning and very loud and active streets in the late evening.

The lines at the cafes aren’t too long, though – but dinner at 9pm, you’ll certainly have to wait in line!

If you caught the London Snapshot you know Bryce asked me what my favourite part of London is – so hard to answer! Well, I returned the favour and asked him what his favourite part of Paris is – it’s tough to answer that one, too. For me, it just might be the Degas statues.

Paris Snapshot:

Museums. Cafes. Oh, so many cafes. Which, mind you, is difficult to navigate being a Celiac and in a country with a different language.

All in all, we’re having a great time and should be home soon. Thanks so much for visiting and reading the Paris Snapshot. Oh, and happy travelling!

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