Travel: Tulum Snapshot

About 3 weeks ago I saw an article and the headline read ‘Tulum is so 2018.’ It talked about new and exciting places to visit. Well, let me tell you, this quaint Mexican town is still a beautiful and exciting place to visit. Not too sure I’d spend a whole week here, but it’s worth the stop if you’re close. Check out this Tulum snapshot.

Tulum Snapshot:

Riding bikes, visiting the ruins, or eating authentic Mexican food is what Tulum is about. Oh, and smelling the warm ocean air. Life slow downs here, or at least it does for me. It’s relaxing and energizing.

For those who don’t know, Tulum is about 130km south of Cancun and about 3 hours North of the Belize / Mexican border. So, if you do visit Tulum, you might even venture down to the beautiful county of Belize. Where, unknown to me, English is the official language.

Something else I just learned, Mexico is not the official name of the county – nope, it’s officially known as the United Mexican States. Pretty neat, eh?

Tulum Snapshot:

Okay, back to Tulum – visit. Yes, visit this place if you ever get the chance, you’ll be happy you did – especially since the ruins are easily accessible. If you’re not making you way to any other ruins, you’ll be happy you at least saw these ones. They give an interesting back story and offer some historical treats while on vacation.

Thanks for visiting my Tulum snapshot. Want to know how we planned our airfare? Check out my next post, coming soon.

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