American Thanksgiving 2019:

Recipe: American Thanksgiving 2019

American Thanksgiving 2019:

American Thanksgiving 2019 – it’s that time of year when you start getting excited for all the special holiday moments. The first snow, the delicious food, and the time spent with family and friends.

This year for the American Thanksgiving I decided to try out 3 new recipes which I’ve recently shared on the blog. Let’s check them out.

American Thanksgiving 2019

Those are the three dishes for this year’s festive holiday. Now, if you’re looking for other classics, be sure to check out thanksgiving 2018 – that was a good meal, too.

When I made the potatoes au gratin Bryce asked what the difference was between them and scalloped potatoes. It’s the cheese – although, you can find so many recipes for scalloped potatoes with cheese that they might as well be the same dish. Anyway, that’s the technical answer. Cheese versus no cheese.

Potatoes au Gratin:

Up next the salad. This one you need to make and eat right away. The arugula doesn’t bode well for holding up to the dressing overnight. If you do plan on making it ahead of time, roast the corn and the zucchini, yet assemble it all last minute for the best results.

Grilled Corn and Zucchini Salad:

Last, but not least, the turkey. It’s so good flat roasted. Please do try it some time soon. You’ll be happy you did.

Flat Roasted Turkey:

There you go – a full on American Thanksgiving 2019 for the whole family to enjoy.

American Thanksgiving 2019:

In the end, it might just be food, yet it’s what brings us together. Think Sunday dinners, or even celebrating birthdays over cake. It’s about spending time together and filling up your heart as much as filling up your stomach. Good food doesn’t hurt much, either. So, I’m wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a lovely dinner tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you on Saturday – bye!

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