12 Days of Christmas

Time to start decking the halls!!

12 Days of Christmas

Don’t you just love the spirit of the holiday season? It’s so cheery and full of love.

Last year I celebrated the 12 days of Christmas by doing the 12 days of Cookies. This year, I’ve divided it up a bit: 4 sewing projects, 4 DIY projects, and 4 treat recipes.

This is a little preview of what’s to come. Visit over the next couple of weeks to see the project tutorials and recipes.

12 Days of Christmas - Treats:

12 Days of Christmas - Projects:

12 Days of Christmas - Sewing:

I’ll be baking up, sewing up, and even diying up. These sewing projects will last more than one year, which makes the extra special. The baking, however, will most likely be gone in a day or two at the longest. The recipe, though, will stick with you year after year.

Enjoy all of these amazing little hits at Christmas as we get ready for one of the best family holidays of the year. Spend it with those you love (family or not) and soak up all that happiness and fuzzy feelings. It’s worth the wee bit of travel, trust me.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with you.

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