Holiday Crack:

Project: Christmas Recap

Christmas recap – this is a little throwback to some of the recipes and projects I’ve done in the past.

This year, I’m taking the holidays a little slower and not focused so much on making things, but rather spending time with my husband and my two dear puppies who most likely won’t be around too much longer. My heart is full and things are great!

Christmas Recap

Just because I’m slowing down, however, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a few favourites, right?

In 2013 I did the 12 days of cookies and the snickerdoodles were so good. I think I ate every single one. Augh…I need to come up with a gluten free recipe soon.

Christmas Recap:

This holiday crack is another recipe that’s easy to make. This recipe is from the 12 days of Christmas last year where I did 4 recipes, 4 sewing tutorials and 4 projects. It was a lot of fun and you should check it out for some inspiration.

Christmas Recap:

About 2 weeks ago when we unpacked the tree I found this advent calendar. So precious. It was so much fun sewing and then filling all of those little bags. I hope your advent calendar bring just as many sweet memories as ours does.

Christmas Recap:

Overall, the holidays thus far have been good – slow, which is a wonderful thing. It gives me time to reconnect with what I value and to spend time with those who I love. I wish you a wonderful holiday season and I hope you enjoy the next week of family, love and friends!

I’ll pick things back up shortly after the 25th but know that I’ve got a lot of projects and recipes to share. There’s a time for rest, a time to reconnect and a time to rejuvenate one’s creative juices. See you again soon! Happy holiday and a happy New Year from me, Ali, here at!

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