American Thanksgiving 2021:

Recipe: American Thanksgiving 2021

American Thanksgiving 2021:

American Thanksgiving 2021 – one of the best holidays, full of delicious food, family, and giving thanks for all your grateful for this year. No presents, no need to dress up, just come as you are and enjoy. Okay, here are some of this year’s recipes for our American Thanksgiving.

American Thanksgiving 2021

First up, make the salad. This one is quick and easy, plus, since it’s made with brussels sprouts, it holds up well and you can make it ahead of time. I love dishes you can make ahead of time since that gives you time back to spend with family and guests.

Oh, and little tip – use the frozen pomegranates, you save even more time!

Salad Time:

The potato gratin is also a super easy dish to make ahead of time. You can make them a day in advance and then just be sure to bring them to room temperature before putting them in the oven.

Potato Gratin:

Overall, this American Thanksgiving is going to be a hit – full of goodness, and given the year we’ve all had, it’s important to be grateful for some of the smaller things in life.

These sweet little dishes were a recent gift and the first time I used them was for our Canadian Thanksgiving – yet I love that they can work for both savoy and sweet recipes. We have 4 of them, so perfect for our little family.

American Thanksgiving 2021:
American Thanksgiving 2021:
American Thanksgiving 2021:

Well, I hope you have a lovely holiday – and enjoy all the goodness, the small moments, and don’t forget to eat dessert. Did you hear about the Reese’s pie that was sold this year? It looked amazingly massive – one thing that’s on my list is peanut butter pie. Soon, one day soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon! Enjoy the weekend and I see leftover lunches in our future!

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