Caramelized Brussel Sprout and Onion Quesadillas:

Recipe: Eight Gluten Free Mexican Recipes

Eight Gluten Free Mexican Recipes

Eight – yes, eight gluten free Mexican recipes. A while back I shared some of my favourite to date Mexican recipes on the blog and although those are all delicious, these eight (four of them are breakfast dishes) are right up there with being great.

Okay, let’s check out these eight gluten free recipes!

Gluten Free Mexican Recipes

The red chilaquiles is one of my new favourites. It’s on the list to make the next time we have visitors – who knows when that’ll be!

Red chilaquiles - the ultimate Mexican breakfast. I recall sharing the first time I had these, on the beach in Akumal about 3 years ago - so good. A while back I even made some with green sauce, but this time, it's red sauce time - let's get cooking!

This Mexican rice recipe is a definite go-to and I’ll for sure make a big batch, since it’s great in tacos or with eggs.

Mexican rice, it's under rated, but so delicious. This recipe is easy to master, and it reminds me of risotto. The tomato paste makes this recipe, so if you make your own, your rice is going to pack a punch! Let's get cooking.

The next two dishes take a bit of time to make, but they’re worth the flavours and bring all the goodness to your plate.

The torta is another great option for brunch, or if you’re having visitors. It’s a delicious breakfast dish, or even for dinner with a bright salad and a few appetizers. I love when dinner parties have a lot of choices, don’t you?

Zucchini and corn torta is a Mexican egg dish that's similar to a quiche, but with Mexican flavours. It has layers of goodness and the cotija cheese gives it some bite. Okay, let's get cracking and bake up.
Chicken and potato tacos, the perfect mid-week dinner. You can use chorizo chicken, or even make your own chorizo spice mix , and the potatoes add some heartiness to these tacos. They're simple, yet delicious. Okay, let's get cooking!

Looking for a side dish to eat with tacos, or as an after school (or work) snack? This mango salsa is a definite spicy choice.

Mango salsa - this recipe is sweet, spicy, and just the right amount of tangy.

These quesadillas are good – settle in for a bit of prep-work, but worth it!

Caramelized Brussel Sprout and Onion Quesadillas:

Black bean tostadas and butternut squash tacos are the perfect weekend recipes. Bright flavours, without a whole heck of a lot of work. I’m a big believer in big weekend breakfasts – brunch is a fabulous meal!

Black Bean Breakfast Tostadas:
Butternut Squash Tacos:

Well, there you have it – eight gluten free Mexican recipes that are sure to please. Check them out and let me know if you give any of them a try.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you eat up – see you again soon!

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