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    Recipe: Broccoli Cheddar Bacon Salad

    Broccoli cheddar bacon salad – it’s so good and hearty because of the broccoli. Oh, and gluten free of course. Bryce and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this past Saturday. Well, celebrated is a loose term – I worked from 6am – 2pm, getting home around 2:20pm and Bryce worked from 3pm – 3am, and leaving for work around 2:08pm. As such, we totally missed each other and spent our 5 year apart. When we looked at the calendar in May, trying to…

  • Black Bean Bombs: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Black Bean Burger Bombs

    Black bean burger bombs are a take on my black bean burgers. This time, however, we stuff them into onions and cook them over the campfire! They’re going to be super good and full of flavour. I made them ahead of time then put them in the freezer – that way, they help keep the other foods in the cooler cold. Then, in the evening, after we’ve set up our campsite, just in time for dinner, they’ll be unthawed a bit and ready for the…

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    Recipe: Frozen Grapes

    Frozen grapes – they’re like cold candy. Seriously, they are so good and I don’t have to feel bad about eating a whole small bowl to myself. Summer is the best time for frozen grapes. You pick – green or red – the choice is up to you. I’ve done both and I prefer red, but the green are good, too. Frozen Grapes Okay – time to get started. It’s super complicated so be sure to follow along. Who am I kidding, this is easy,…

  • DIY Buff: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Eighteen DIY Buff

    Diy buff – the perfect way to beat the heat and keep your fringe out of your face on those hot summer days. Or, if you’re travelling like me, it’s really hot right now! Here’s the funny thing about these buffs. I don’t actually feel that confident in wearing them, yet one of the girls I work with pulls them off so effortlessly – I’m jealous. So, I came up with this plan of making them and wearing them while travelling off the continent. Then,…

  • Navy Runner and Placemats: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Square Patch Runner Three

    Square patch runner three. This one is huge! You need a big table for this runner. In my square patch runner one tutorial I made it 5 squares by 2 squares. This one is 7 by 2 and in this rich navy and white fabric. A bit of a nautical theme here. What You Need 14 fabric squares that measure 8×8 backing fabric that measures 16×56 serger matching thread machine 2 yards of heavy outdoor material for placemats First, the placemats. I used a heavy…

  • Funky Runner and Napkins: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Square Patch Runner Two

    Square patch runner two – did you catch my last post? square patch runner one? Here we are using the same technique, just with a different fabric. I wanted to show you three different fabrics with this technique so you could get an idea of how it could work for you. This runner is the same size as the last one 10×2 8 inch squares. What You Need 10 fabric squares that measure 8×8 backing fabric that measures 16×40 serger matching thread machine 1 yard…

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    Sewing: Outdoor Summer Placemats

    Outdoor summer placemats and picnic napkins to match. Last year I made square placemats, too. Chevron patterned, yet same outdoor fabric that is good to 500+ hours in the sun. One variation here, in this project, I made them bigger. My last ones were only 12 inches, these ones are 16 to start, and 15 1/2 to finish. Makes for a much nicer presentation at the table. Plus, the unexpected pairing of the traditional picnic napkin with the modern black and white pattern is funky…