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Thanksgiving Recipes

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving – American Thanksgiving and it’s a day full of love, football and food. Here are a few of my favourite holiday recipes – check them out and I hope you have a happy holiday!

Thanksgiving Recipes

First is this spicy turkey. The bonus is the gravy maintains some of this heat and when served with mashed potatoes, oh, so good. Hopefully your bird is thawing in the fridge already, otherwise you’re a bit behind.
Thanksgiving Recipes: 3ten.ca

Be sure to add some freshness to your table with this fall salad.

This fall salad is the perfect choice since you can easily make it ahead and just dress it last minute. Spending the whole afternoon in the kitchen is fun sometimes, yet not when you should be having fun and enjoy all that you’re thankful for. Family. Love. Togetherness.

Thanksgiving Recipes: 3ten.ca

Cornbread, what? Yes – it’s delicious.

It’s a twist on traditional buns – try this cornbread, it’s quick and easy. And, like the salad, you can make it ahead, too. Just warm up before serving or serve at room temperature. Either way, it won’t disappoint.

Thanksgiving Recipes: 3ten.ca

Don’t forget one of the hits of Thanksgiving, the mashed potatoes. Make these sour cream potatoes for a little extra zip.

Thanksgiving Recipes: 3ten.ca

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check our many of my other recipes – cooking is flat out so much fun. I won’t lie, eating great food is fun, too. Feel free to share your own Thanksgiving recipes.

Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you again soon!

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