Dancing in a Black Dress: 3ten.ca

Travel: Europe Outfits

Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca

Europe outfits – what to wear and what not to wear.

What? Why this post? Well, we’re headed to Europe on Friday – so fun, right? Don’t worry about our plants, we have someone to watch them each day. They’re in good hands.

Okay, for this trip, I’ll be packing light just like when we headed to Mexico, but first, it’s outfit planning time.

The first step to packing light is to pack pieces that compliment each other and that work in multiple ways. I want to share some of my key fashion picks and a few outfits that feel like me, yet also have that simple and classic look suitable for Europe. Oh, and they’re comfortable, too. I like to move and be comfortable – that’s important.

Dancing in a Black Dress: 3ten.ca

Dressing for Paris has a much different feel than dressing for London. London can be anything – loud, bright patterns, classic lines, acid washed jeans; where as Paris has a more muted pallet of blacks and neutrals with a fashionable accessory like a hat or scarf (just not both). I’m more on the conservative side when it comes to fashion, so I selected pieces that are more Parisian – no acid washed jeans here.

Nine Key Pieces

  • Blue Jeans – these jeans are high waisted and skinny. Easy for dressing up or down.
  • Black Pants – heavy weighted for structure, yet light and airy, these black pants can easily transition from day to night.
  • Statement Blouse – this is the brightest piece of clothing I’m bringing – it’s fun, bouncy and adds some pep to my step.
  • Black Sweater – keeping with that classic muted look, a black sweater is a perfectly easy look.
  • Timeless Black Dress – simple lines and great hair – that’s all you need.
  • Black Flats – these are beyond comfortable and look good with just about anything.
  • Grey Sweater – adds some warmth to any outfit and draws the line down which is especially nice for fall.
  • Jean Jacket – Canadian tuxedo, anyone? Personally, I love the look.
  • Bold Scarf – add a pop of colour with this scarf – take it on and off as you please and update any outfit.

Outfit One

Blue jeans and the black sweater – simple classic. Add in the jean jacket for some added fun.

Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca
Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca

Outfit Two

Black pants and the statement blouse – fun dressy.

Here’s the dressy side.

Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca

And the fun side!

Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca

Outfit Three

Dress and grey sweater – elegant and casual. Want a pop of colour – then add in that bold scarf.

Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca
Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca

This dress has some added fun with this bold zipper – simple style.

Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca

There you have it – outfits for Europe. All made with classic pieces you probably already have in your closet. I mean, who doesn’t have black pants?

Looking for a couple more Europe outfits – check these out. I added the same scarf to outfit one, just tied it differently so you can’t see the yellow.

Europe Outfits: 3ten.ca

The black dress on its own is great, too.

Europe – are you ready for us? London and Paris, here we come. I can see the way!

Are you there: 3ten.ca

All in all, who doesn’t love jean on jean? I do!

Women Shrugging: 3ten.ca

Thanks so much for visiting and happy outfit planning – and have fun travelling.


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