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    Recipe: Chicken Salad

    Chicken salad – with yogurt and it’s gluten free! Total score. This healthy chicken salad makes use of tangy plain yogurt rather than rich mayo. Don’t get me wrong, I like mayo, it’s just that on a one-to-one comparison it’s about 10 times the calories, and let’s be honest, I’d rather eat chips and chocolate than mayo. Life is about balance and yogurt in this recipe gives me that balance. Let’s get cooking. Ingredients 200g of pulled chicken (lightly seasoned) 1/2 a cup of chopped…

  • Toast Toppings: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Toast Toppings

    Toast toppings are the best – the perfect way to enjoy lunch or breakfast. Today I’ll share with you four of my favourite toast toppings. I know the avocado toast thing has been around for a while, yet it’s just oh-so good. Okay, let’s get started! Ingredients 4 slices of gluten free bread 1 avocado 20g of cream cheese 1 tablespoon of natural nut butter 6 oz of roasted chicken 2 strawberries 3 oz of feta cheese crumbles 2 oz of diced red onion 8…

  • Mexican Scotch Egg: 3ten.ca

    Super Bowl Eats 2017

    It’s here – Super Bowl fifty one! Each year I share some awesome Super Bowl eats, which are usually recipes I’ve come to love over the last year. This year is no exception. These three recipes are sure to win, unlike the Patriots. Haha. Okay, let’s get started! Just click each photo to see the recipe in detail. Super Bowl Snacks Corn fritters? They are glued free, too! Try them out and don’t forget the guacamole. Up next, the perfect chicken sandwich that’s easy to…

  • Wendy's Spicy Chicken: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Gluten Free Wendy’s Spicy Chicken

    Gluten free Wendy’s spicy chicken is here. Finally. I love, or loved rather, Wendy’s spicy chicken. It was my go-to on car trips or on long study nights when I was in university. This culinary classic is a beauty. Not for a Celiac, however. This twist on the spicy chicken will make your heart sing – just be sure you add mayo. Okay, let’s get cooking! Ingredients 2 large chicken breasts 1/4 of a cup of gluten free flour 1 egg 1/2 of a cup…

  • Spicy Roast Chicken: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Spicy Roasted Chicken

    Spicy roasted chicken is the perfect little meal for your Easter Sunday dinner – or any family dinner, for that matter. It goes well with the chili cream corn I made earlier this week. Both have a bit of spice, yet this chicken is a bit more faint. Pick out a nice fresh bird and we’ll be all set. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients whole chicken 1 1/2 teaspoon of ground jalapeno 1 teaspoon of ground chipolte That’s it for the ingredients, nice and simple. Set…

  • Pulled Buffalo Chicken: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Buffalo Pulled Chicken

    Buffalo pulled chicken – so good and it feels like I’m eating chicken wings – whoo hoo! On Family Day, last Monday, we had a potluck at work and this is what I made. The mini dinner rolls were the perfect size so people didn’t fill up on just one thing. That’s the best part about potlucks, having a lot of small bites. It’s perfect. Okay – let’s get started on this easy crockpot buffalo pulled chicken recipe. Ingredients 1.2-1.5 Kg of chicken breast 2…

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Buffalo chicken pizza – it’s gluten free and full of spicy. It’s like eating a chicken wing, but better, because it’s pizza!!! This is perfect for Sunday football games, or watching MasterChef Junior. Man, those kids are quite the cooks, right? We’re in a bit of a competition with my brother and his wife for MasterChef Junior. We watched the first two episodes and used those as recruiting – then we each drafted a team of 10. Points are given to winners, and runners up…