Eater Brunch 2020:

Projects: Easter Brunch 2020

Eater Brunch 2020:

Easter Brunch 2020 is probably a bit different this time around given all that’s going on. For us, it’s all about spending time with each other, good food, and making memories. Today we’re having a super-duper tasty Easter brunch. Okay, let’s get started!

Easter Brunch

First, you’re going to want to set your table. My dear mother-in-law made these vintage trailer placemats. We have a set of four and I believe I also used them last year, for Easter 2019. They’re so much fun!

Table Setting:

Okay – first, bake your cornbread (add cheese or spices if you like, or go with plain). This time around we had plain simple cornbread. Then, bake up your gluten free brownies. Treats are usually a good idea!

Then, once those are all done, get started on the breakfast tacos. This is an easy and fun way to have variety without having to cook 15 different dishes.

Eater Brunch 2020:

Doesn’t everything look so good!?

Breakfast Tacos:

These tacos are so good. My favourite part? The roasted and crispy potatoes. The soft scrambled eggs are good, too. Then again, I’m a fan of all potatoes. Fries, yes! Mashed, yes. Chips? Totally!

One of the keys to a beautiful setting when you’re hosting is having clean, yet not so match-matchy dishes. All of ours, except for the feature dish, are white (this I learned from Sarah Richardson).

The tacos are served in our braiser which makes for a hefty presentation. Plus, we love that it matches the placemats – so fun!

Eater Brunch 2020:

Well, there you have it – one delightful and filling Easter Brunch 2020. Enjoy the tacos!

Eater Brunch 2020:

Thanks so much for visiting and Happy Easter! Hope your weekend is full of family, friends (even if virtually) and good eats (just as long as the eats aren’t virtual!). See you again soon.

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