One Year!

One year:

One Year

It’s been one year – 365 days that has been up and running. You are all to thank, web surfers, recipe tasters and sewing triers! Over 70 posts, over 7000 page views and over 4000 visit – here are some of the top posts!

Above you’ll find my very own recipe – Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies – make them, eat them, love them!


The DIY: Barn Door is a Pinterest hit! I love the idea of not only making something, but also, adding detail to my home. The barn door is a cost effective way to exude a lot of drama in a room. Check it out!

One year:

Recipe Time

Creating enjoyable food that is inspired by fresh ingredients (okay, sometimes I cheat and use boxed stuff for snacks…balance is key!).

My top recipe is Corn Salsa. I think next to the Pancake Mix, the Corn Salsa is the easiest recipe on You can eat it with Bueno Burritos, with chips and Holy Guacamole, or on top of Egg Casserole. Enjoy the freshness of a hit, Corn Salsa!

One year:


Sewing is so much fun – but I like to sew things for other people, too.

Burp Cloths are the perfect little gift. It seems as though I’m at the age (no, I’m not going to tell you…) where people around me are all having babies – bosses, friends, family – even enemies (I joke…no enemies here!).

It seems as though Pinterest has also fallen in love with my Tutorial: Burp Cloths. Check it out and sew away!

One year:

Overall, the past year has been a true blast. Life in general is full of ups and downs, set backs and highlights – did you see the picture of the dropped Pumpkin Pie? Set back, for sure :). is fun and I love sharing – thanks for visiting – keep surfing and pinning!

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