Fresh Corn Salsa:

Recipe: New Year’s Eve Party Food

It’s New Year’s Eve – time to ring in 2018. This past year has been a blast. Lily, our Great Dane turned 8, we travlled a lot – Yellowknife, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland – and also we vacationed in lower British Columbia. We renovated a 17 foot Boler, celebrated being married for 6 years and ate some healthy food along the way.

Yesterday, I did my Instagram best nine of 2017 and here’s that photo! Flat out perfect memories!

Instagram 2017:

What are your plans tonight? Good friends, family and food? Yup, sounds like perfection!

Tonight we’re going to have some New Year’s Eve party food and watch season two of The Crown. The sun sets here around 4:23pm so we’ll have plenty of time to get in perhaps 5 episodes – I doubt all 10! Okay, let’s get to the food.

New Year’s Eve Party Food

Corn Salsa

New Year's Eve Party Food:


New Year's Eve Party Food:

Chicken Wing Dip

New Year's Eve Party Food:

I’m also going to make some loaded queso, yet that recipe has still yet to make it to the blog. Soon, though – promise! It’s great game day food.

Cheers to you and your family this New Year’s Eve! May 2018 be one of your best years yet. For me, some heart warming intensions are on the board – spend more time in the moment, enjoying the simple things in life and seeing more of the world, even if it’s just experiencing more of what’s in my neighbourhood, I want to see more.

Happy New Year!

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