• Mexican Chicken Tostadas: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Chicken Tostada

    It’s time for lunch and this gluten free chicken tostada is the perfect recipe. It’s simple and full of flavour. The chicken is so tender – it’s time to get the sous vide going and get ready for lunch. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients 200g of chicken breast 1 tablespoon of tex-mex spice 5 corn tortillas can of refried black beans homemade guacamole 1/2 cup of shredded lettuce 30g of finely grated old cheddar cheese First, start your chicken. If you’re going to cook it sous…

  • Toast Toppings: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Toast Toppings

    Toast toppings are the best – the perfect way to enjoy lunch or breakfast. Today I’ll share with you four of my favourite toast toppings. I know the avocado toast thing has been around for a while, yet it’s just oh-so good. Okay, let’s get started! Ingredients 4 slices of gluten free bread 1 avocado 20g of cream cheese 1 tablespoon of natural nut butter 6 oz of roasted chicken 2 strawberries 3 oz of feta cheese crumbles 2 oz of diced red onion 8…

  • Mexican Scotch Egg: 3ten.ca

    Super Bowl Eats 2017

    It’s here – Super Bowl fifty one! Each year I share some awesome Super Bowl eats, which are usually recipes I’ve come to love over the last year. This year is no exception. These three recipes are sure to win, unlike the Patriots. Haha. Okay, let’s get started! Just click each photo to see the recipe in detail. Super Bowl Snacks Corn fritters? They are glued free, too! Try them out and don’t forget the guacamole. Up next, the perfect chicken sandwich that’s easy to…

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    Recipe: Gluten Free Corn Fritters

    Gordon Ramsay inspiration number two – corn fritters. This recipe, however, is deliciously gluten free. If you read my last post, you know my dad got me this kick-butt pan for Christmas and Gordon Ramsay was to deliver it with 3 meals. Well, here’s meal number two! Time for lunch. Ingredients 90g gluten free flour 1 1/2 tablespoons of baking powder 1/2 teaspoon of salt 3 eggs 500 grams of corn 6 green onions 20g of cilantro 10g of diced green chili butter to fry…

  • Lunch Napkin: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Nine Tea and Lunch Napkins

    Tea and lunch napkins. What makes them tea and lunch napkins? The size. Your traditional dinner napkin is around 18-20 inches. These ones are cut at 16 and finish around 15.5 inches. You could certainly use them for a more casual dinner, like tacos or lasagna, but not for something a bit more formal, like roasted lamb. Although, if you were in a pinch, a napkin is better than no napkin! The best part about these napkins is that they are up-cycled from two high…

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    Recipe: Broccoli and Grape Salad

    Broccoli and grape salad – full of texture and it fills you up, too. Oh, and it tastes pretty good! This salad is a great addition to your Thanksgiving meal coming up this Thursday (if you’re American) or, if you Canadian, then it makes a great hearty lunch in mid November. The broccoli holds up nicely to the dressing and stays crispy. Let’s get started. Ingredients 4 heads of broccoli (and the stems) cucumber 1 cup of grapes small onion 1/2 cup of dried cranberries…

  • Lentil Sloppy Joes: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Lentil Sloppy Joes

    Lentil sloppy joes are packed with flavour and protein. Such a great idea for lunch or a quick weeknight meal. I have a few lentil recipes on the blog and I want to mention that 99% of lentils come from right here in Canada. Eat local? Yes, please do. Okay, time to get cooking. Ingredients large onion 2 tablespoon of oil 1 1/2 cup of dry red split lentils a package of gluten free chili seasoning 1/2 cup of ketchup 2 tablespoons of water First,…