12 Days of Christmas Thank You

Thank you to all of the people who visited over the last few weeks! You have made the 12 Days of Christmas a huge success.

12 Days of Christmas Thank You

PS – only 12 more days until Christmas – time to start celebrating!

Last year I celebrated the 12 days of Christmas by doing the 12 days of Cookies. This year, I’ve divided it up a bit: 4 sewing projects, 4 DIY projects, and 4 treat recipes.

Here’s a little recap!

12 Days of Christmas - Treats:

12 Days of Christmas - Projects:

12 Days of Christmas - Sewing:

Full list of the 12 days of Christmas recipes, crafts, and sewing projects:

Here is a huge 12 days of Christmas thank you – I had so much fun celebrating with you all that I wanted to say thank you for being here, for visiting and for following.

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays and thanks for visiting – we love it when you stop by!

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